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Social Policy & Skills Development

Eco Construction and Paving prides itself on its highly skilled workforce, many of whom have followed the company’s growth from its inception. ECAP strives to give everyone an equal opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their abilities. We place emphasis on creating an environment that is conducive to developing our team from the ground up and training those who wish to further themselves and their education by continuously promoting from within the company. This is evident in our current management structure where we take pride in taking individuals from humble beginnings, and producing them into the smart minded business people they are today.


We continuously endeavour to develop and help the local community by not only training employee’s but by actively searching for the potential in others. We often support the children of employees by helping with schooling and enabling them to better their future. We also offer training and internship programmes. 

Eco Construction and Paving
Social Policy & Skills Development

 Harrogate Civil Construction Mondeor Team Workers

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

In an industry that is mostly dominated by men, ECAP strives to create an atmosphere of gender equality, with women as well as men holding managerial positions within the company. We place emphasis on the skills and dedication our employees hold, rather than their gender. 

Due to the dangerous nature of civil construction, Eco Construction and Paving places huge importance on its health and safety regulations. We employ highly skilled and efficient individuals that readily evaluate our practices to ensure that we comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, industry regulations and codes of practice.


Our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) program addresses the hazards present at all our sites as well as the training of employees regarding proper selection, maintenance, and use of PPE. The safety of all workers and visitors on our construction sites is of paramount importance.

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety


"To provide world class construction services to our clients, by devoting
ourselves to maintaining our efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness
on each project demanding our attention. We pledge to be cognisant of
our work and its influence on the environment, and to at all times ensure
the welfare of our dedicated workforce, and those around us.

Mission Statement
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