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Plant Hire For Your Paving/ Construction Job?

Welcome to the plant hire services Page, your local solution among paving companies near you in Johannesburg. With our wide range of eco-friendly and reliable equipment, we're committed to supporting your construction projects in a sustainable, efficient manner.

As one of the leading paving companies near you, we ensure your project runs smoothly by providing well-maintained machinery that meets your unique needs, regardless of the project scale.

Explore our plant hire services and see why we are one of the trusted Construction companies near you. 


EXCAVATORS WITH HEAVY DUTY BUCKET OR HAMMER/PECKER Our excavators come equipped with either a heavy-duty bucket or a hammer/pecker attachment. These powerful machines are essential for digging, trenching, and heavy lifting. With the hammer/pecker attachment, they are also capable of breaking through concrete and other tough materials, making them versatile for any construction or demolition project.

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SKID STEERS (CASE SKID STEERS) Our fleet includes Case Skid Steers, known for their reliability and performance. These compact, maneuverable machines are perfect for tight spaces and are ideal for various tasks including loading, grading, or moving materials on construction sites.

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ROLLER (10-ton Smooth Drum) Our 10-ton Smooth Drum Rollers are perfect for compacting surfaces in preparation for paving or laying asphalt. These heavy machines ensure an even and solid surface, making them essential for road construction and other large-scale projects.

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TLBs (JCB 3CX's) Our JCB 3CX Backhoe Loaders are versatile machines that combine the capabilities of a loader and an excavator. These are ideal for digging, backfilling, trenching, and material handling, making them an invaluable asset to any construction project.

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FRONT END LOADER (CAT 928) Our CAT 928 Front End Loaders are known for their reliability and robust performance. These machines are ideal for moving large quantities of material over short distances. They have large buckets that can be used for applications such as digging, grading, and loading materials.

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GRADER (CAT GRADERS) Our CAT Graders are essential for precision leveling and finishing. With their long blades, they are used to create flat surfaces during the grading process. These machines are typically used in road construction, ensuring proper drainage and a smooth finish.

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